martes, 21 de julio de 2009


Justine Wachsberger se ha unido al elenco de Luna Nueva para hacer el papel de Gianna.

Justine Wachberger es Giana en Luna Nueva

Gianna es la recepcionista del clan de Los Vulturi.

“I actually liked the books but I wasn’t a crazy fan of Twilight when I got the role of Gianna,” explained Wachsberger. “I just knew though that I would be lucky to be part of such a huge franchise because I know what these stories mean to the fans.”

Wachsberger added, “Gianna was a really interesting character to portray for me. She’s human and has a lot going for her but decides to work for the vampires. You don’t really know much about her motivations and that adds a lot of mystery to her, which I really loved.” (PROXIMA TRADUCCION)

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